Top Summer Caravan Accessories

As summer fades into autumn, now is the perfect time to plan your next caravanning trip with your family. Before you hit the road, though, ensure your caravan is kitted out with these must have accessories

From rear view cameras to camping fridges, these gadgets will make your trip more enjoyable, while keeping your family safe. 

Rear View Cameras 

Sure, your caravan has towing mirrors, and they’re probably functional. But, when holidaying with your family, safety should be your number one concern. With rear view cameras, you’ll know exactly what’s behind you, making the reversing process easier than ever before. So, you’ll have no trouble reversing into tight spaces or negotiating tight corners. 

Caravan Level Indicator

 Manually checking whether your caravan is level using your towing vehicle is a frustrating chore. Avoid all that hard work with a simple electronic solution – the caravan level indicator. This useful gadget sits on your caravan floor and lets you know whether the rig is level with your car. 

3-Way Camping Fridge

 Most caravans include fridges as standard. However, these are typically energy inefficient and do not perform well in emergencies. By contrast, a 3-way camping fridge is a highly efficient, compact, effective solution. It automatically shuts off once meeting its target temperature, and when you’re away from the grid, it can run for days on gas alone.  

Bike Rack and Board Holder 

Planning on taking your toys with you? If you want to sneak a quick surf or cycle into your holidaythere are plenty of racks available regardless of the size of your rig. There are some inventive designs, too. One of the most interesting is a surfboard holder custom made to fit in the side of a motor home. 


An essential accessory for any camping trip, awnings provide shelter from the elements, while allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you’re enjoying the sunrise, kicking back with a good book or having an al fresco meal, an awning brings the comfort of the indoors outdoors. 

Annexe Wall 

The perfect addition to any caravan, annexe walls provide added protection from the weather, as well as plenty of privacy. Designed with either full walls or flyscreens (or both), they are perfect for families who want a waterproof way to extend their camping space.  


Most caravans come equipped with a deep-cycle house battery. This powers the lighting, water pump, fridge, fans and more. However, if you’re planning an extended camping holidaya second battery is absolutely essential

Planning your next caravanning holiday? For more information on how these accessories can make your road trip unforgettable, call or email the experts at Kakadu Annexes today. 

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