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DIY Annexe

DIY Annexe

Kakadu Annexes is now offering DIY Annexes for customers Australia wide.  If you're looking to measure and install your own annexe anywhere, watching our videos is the best way to go!

The DIY Kakadu annexes videos provide an easy-to-follow guide that will make the process of measuring and installing your annexe a breeze.

Our videos are designed to help you understand the steps involved, so you can get the job done right. From measuring the space correctly, to finding the right hardware to use, our videos will have you feeling confident in no time.

Talk to one of our Sales Staff about the options and process for a DIY Annexe measure and install.

Our staff here at Kakadu Annexes are here to help you and get exactly what you are after. View measure and install instructions.

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Annexe and Awning Fabrics

Our range of fabrics are specifically designed for long lasting outdoor use. With a high opacity for complete privacy, it is not only flexible, ensuring long term resilience, but also comes in a co-ordinated range of colours and patterns that make for stunning annexes, awnings and blinds.

When it comes time to order your next Kakadu Annexe or Awning, we recommend the use of Coastline vinyl. Coastline Vinyl is a lightweight reinforced polymer fabric designed specifically for caravan annexes and awnings. It is totally water proof with excellent opacity and outdoor performance, is available in bright, attractive colours that will co-ordinate with all styles of caravans and camper vans.

Vinyl Laminate

Sio-Line C7456_Navy

Sio-Line C7456_Mid Grey

Sio-Line C7456_Grey

Sio-Line C7456_Dark Grey

Sio-Line C7456_Dark Charcoal

Sio-Line C7456_Burgundy

Sio-Line C7456_Black

ROA Skins

Arcadia Newcastle

Arcadia Berrima

Arcadia Black Water

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