Tips for Caravanning in Winter

When most people think of winter, the idea of a caravanning trip with the family does not usually come to mind. However, caravanning in winter comes with some perks.

Caravan parks are far less crowded than in summer, they charge less than in peak holiday season, and you can see the spectacular Australian scenery in a whole new light.

To ensure you and your family are safe and happy, here are some precautions you can take while caravanning in winter.

Stay Warm

To thoroughly enjoy the getaway, keeping yourself warm is a must. And it’s much easier than you may think. Simply pack a quality jacket, gloves, a sleeping bag, thermal underwear and a scarf.

To maintain a warm ambience inside the van, leave the heating on low when you’re not inside the vehicle. When you return, just increase the heating slightly to get the warmth you need, without putting undue stress on the heating system.

Use Self-Inflating or Foam Mattresses

Self-inflating or foam mattresses are a fantastic way to stay warm in the evenings. Both mattresses will prevent the heat from escaping into the ground. Unlike with an air mattress, the warmth will not dissipate into the ground, and you won’t feel as though the cold is being sucked out from right underneath you.

Invest in a Porch Awning

This is an invaluable way to protect you and your family from the cold and rain of an Aussie winter. A porch awning allows you to take in Australia’s spectacular scenery with your family, regardless of the weather.

Keep Moving

To prevent seizing in the cold weather, keep your caravan’s moving parts, like steadies, the jockey wheel and handbrake well oiled. If temperatures drop below freezing, ensure your caravan is level and securely chocked. Also, leave the handbrake off – otherwise, it may seize up.

Change Your Gas Supply

While it takes a bit of legwork, it is very beneficial to change your caravan’s gas supply during the winter months. To do this, first, change your gas system. Then, make the switch from butane to propane cylinders.

The reason being, propane can operate at a higher pressure than butane and operates effectively in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. When changing your gas supply, consult with your local supplier to ensure you are complying with relevant safety regulations.

Conduct Regular Checks

It is difficult to anticipate all problems which can occur with your caravan during winter. So, keep things under control by conducting regular maintenance and safety checks.

When inspecting your caravan, check your awning and other accessories for signs of damage. If these aren’t repaired in a timely fashion, they could become very expensive to fix.

For even more useful tips for caravanning during winter, please call or email the Kakadu Annexes team today.

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