Tips to Keep Your Caravan Cool

Nothing compares to loading the family into the caravanfor a summer camping trip. Summer in Australia has so much to offer – long days, balmy nights, relaxing family BBQs on the beach, unique wildlife and more. 

The only downside is how difficult it is to keep cool when the heat becomes unbearable. So, here are some simple tips to keep your caravan (and family) cool during the warmer months.

Invest in Quality Annexes and Awnings 

A pull-out side awning provides shelter from the sun, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. To take full advantage of the outdoors, an enclosed annexe provides extra living space to eat, read, enjoy a cold beverage or relax with your family. 

Before installing an awning or annex, ensure your caravan can support its weight. For instance, some caravans have reinforcing material (such as wood) underneath the sill panel to support the awning unit and the screws which attach it to the van. 

Close the Blinds 

This tip may seem simple, but you will be surprised by the difference it makes. By simply closing your blinds, you will block out the sun and keep the air inside your caravan much cooler.

Switch Lighting 

Along with rapidly increasing your electricity bills, halogen and incandescent lighting generates a surprising amount of heat. Fortunately, there’s an option which decreases indoor heat, while lessening your impact on the environment – florescent or LED lighting. Making the switch generates less heat and produces light more efficiently. 

Cook Outside 

While they may be convenient, indoor ovens and stove tops are sure to make any caravan feel stuffy. So, when on a summer camping trip, make sure you cook outside as much as possible. An easy way to keep your caravan cool is ensuring you stay somewhere with a well-equipped camp kitchen. 


While it may seem a major expense at the outset, investing in caravan insulation will pay for itself in the summer and winter months. Today, most caravans are built with proper insulation. However, if you’re having your caravan custom built or are upgrading, ensure it’sproperly insulated in the roof and walls. 

Take Advantage of Natural Shade 

As well as looking majestic and providing a home for wildlife, trees can provide many benefits for camping families. Take full advantage of nature by camping near large trees. This will provide plenty of shade during the day as well as protection from the elements.

Invest in Air Conditioning 

Have you tried all the above tips, only to find your caravan is still stiflingly hot? If so, consider investing in a quality air conditioning unit, or mobile fans, especially those specifically designed for caravans. 

For even more tips on keeping cool during your summer caravanning adventurecall or email the friendly team at Kakadu Annexes today.

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