Money Saving Tips for Full-Time Gray Nomads

Leaving your worries and rigid work schedule behind to hit the open the road can be quite addictive. For the seasoned caravaner, turning the occasional holiday into a lifestyle is very tempting – especially if you’re a retiree. However, figuring out the logistics of funding your caravan adventure can be overwhelming. Fortunately, though, by carefully managing your finances with these simple tips, this lifestyle change can become a reality.

Minimise Your Debt

Before heading on your next adventure, try to minimise or eliminate your debt. Even if you have no debt, a cash surplus will provide much-needed financial security.
So, before you leave, plan by putting away as much money as possible. The more you save now, the longer you can relish the gray nomad lifestyle.

Learn New Skills and DIY

Every time you take your caravan to a mechanic to have something fixed; there’s a hefty price to pay. Usually, though, slight tweaks and tune-ups are all that’s necessary. So, you can save plenty of money by learning how to perform simple repairs and maintain your caravan yourself.
Blogs, YouTube videos, and chat forums can take you step-by-step through almost every repair scenario. However, if you’re out of your depth, take your van to a reputable mechanic.

Minimalist Living

As a gray nomad, you’re not on holiday – you’re travelling full-time. So, conserve money by cutting down on luxuries like souvenirs and fancy cocktails. Learn to live with absolute essentials, and consider selling or donating household items you won’t use. Save your money for experiences, rather than things, and you’ll feel much happier.

Seek Out Freebies

Whether you need a shower or a place to dump your gray water, there are plenty of free facilities available. To ensure you’re prepared, research the town(s) you’ll travel to before you leave.
While you’re researching, explore the free activities on offer (such as free admission days at museums, outdoor cinemas or botanical gardens).

Home Cooking

While it’s tempting to dine at restaurants every night, this expense can eat a huge hole in your budget. To save money on your food budget, head to the shopping centre and stock up on locally produced, seasonal goods. To stretch your budget, try recipes which use lentils, barley, quinoa, rice and other staples.

Take Up Seasonal Work

Having some extra cash is always handy when you’re travelling. From farm work to working in a holiday park, there’s a wide variety of opportunities available. And, with a seasonal job, you have the added bonus of connecting with fellow gray nomads enjoying the lifestyle.

Drive Economically

First, plan a route with minimal backtracking. Then, consider a route with few hills (especially if you’re driving a big van). Also, to conserve fuel, maintain a consistent speed.

For even more money saving tips to become a full-time gray nomad, call or email the friendly team at Kakadu Annexes today.

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