For over 30 Years Kakadu Annexes have designed and innovated Australia?s Leading Lifestyle Annexe renowned Australia wide. Our premium range of Kakadu Annexes offer unique layouts and designs custom made to suit your caravanning lifestyle needs.

  • Walls in a 2 toned colour, light grey top and window flap, dark grey or black base
  • Splayed to 2440mm (8″) wide
  • Zip roll up door and window in each end wall
  • Long wall split in the centre
  • 2 windows in the long wall, 1 in either half
  • Black heavy duty PVC mesh in windows
  • Windbreak in dark grey or black
  • Mudflaps to walls and windbreak to match
  • Jag clip or anti flap kit style attachment to roll out awning
  • 3 powder coated upright poles to support long wall
  • 1 or 2 curved roof rafters depending on length
  • Velcro tails to van
  • Walls are made from a European textured vinyl giving strength and ease of maintenance
  • 2 end wall support poles

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