Why Vinyl is Better Than Canvas


Although we manufacture both canvas and vinyl annexes, we highly recommend vinyl for your next annexe. At Kakadu Annexes we use only the best quality materials when we come to manufacture your next annexe and that is why we recommend Coastline Vinyl.

Why Choose Vinyl over Canvas?


Coastline Vinyl is a lightweight, reinforced vinyl laminate, a light and rugged caravan annexe fabric designed specifically for caravan annexes.

Will not crack

Contrary to popular belief, Coastline will not split or crack. It is specifically made for touring and outdoor use. The vinyl is flexible and easy to handle whilst offering long lasting good looks at an affordable price.


Our vinyl annexes are available in a range of colours ensuring there is a style that will suit your caravan whether it is a early or late model.

UV Resistant

Coastline Vinyl is UV resistant and is especially made for Australia’s harsh conditions and is formulated to resist degradation due to sunlight. Depending on the frequency of use, the Coastline product has a life expectancy of up to 15 years of typical family holiday use.

Rot Resistant

Coastline vinyl is sanitized and eliminates the problem of rotting and mildew. You can even pack up your annexe soaking wet, however we recommend drying before long term storage. Unlike canvas, any mould or mildew is easily treated and will not affect the material.

Fire Resistant

Coastline is also fire-resistant meets the requirements of the AS9230 standards. Most other annexe fabrics fail these tests, which is a real hazard when you consider that the only exit point out of a caravan is through the annexe.

High Opacity

There is no need to worry about night time silhouettes. Coastline has a high opacity for complete privacy and although it won’t be dark inside your Kakadu Annexe™, you won’t feel like you are living in a glass house.

Easy to Maintain

Coastline is easily maintained. Dirt, grease, cooking fats and even that red bulldust cleans off with a gentle scrub with a soft bristle brush and most diluted mild detergents or soap. Repeat the process for difficult stains but avoid harsh cleaning agents, abrasives and hydrocarbon solvents.

No Stitching

Your Vinyl Kakadu Annexe™ is fully welded by high frequency welding machines which means there is no stitching that will eventually leak, rot or break down. Proper welding will last the lifetime of the product.


With regular cleaning and correct treatment your Kakadu Annexe™ will come up good as new for years to come. If treated harshly the vinyl can scratch as with many products when dragged across concrete or sharp rough edges. However with a little care your annexe will maintain its high strength and durability.

Vinyl is Cooler

Due to the reflective quality of vinyl and its smooth membrane construction, the heat simply bounces off the vinyl making it cooler inside. Canvas being a woven textured fabric, it tends to absorb the heat which then radiates inside the annexe increasing the temperature. This may be beneficial if you camp in the snow or colder environments but this is unlikely.

Made in Australia

Coastline vinyls are not new products and high frequency welding is not a new technology. They have been around for some 40 years. It is a tried and trusted material that is made for Australian climates, made for Australian applications and is made to suit Australia’s varying conditions and our Australian quality control systems.

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