Tips To Keep Your Caravan Awning In Tip Top Shape

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Offering shade and increasing your space, an awning is one of the most valuable investments a caravan owner can make. Constructed of hardy vinyl, this robust structure allows you to escape the heat or rain by simply extending the awning wherever you are. And the best part is, awnings are very easy to set up.

Read on for some tips to keep your caravan awning in top condition.

Clean Your Awning with a Mild Detergent – Cleaning your awning regularly using a mild detergent will prevent fabric damage from accumulated dirt and debris. Ensure you use a bleach-free cleaner, as bleach reduces the life of the fabric stitching. Also, ensure you remove bird droppings promptly, as these are corrosive and bake into the fabric, making them harder to remove. We use and sell Camco awning cleaner.

Get Your Awning Serviced Annually– Even if you don’t use your caravan awning frequently, annual servicing is a good idea. A thorough service includes: lubricating the sliding arms, checking spring tension, making repairs as needed and checking the awning’s overall functionality. Annual maintenance helps to check for and repair any flaws before they become major problems.

Rub Wax Over Awning Stitching to Prevent Rain Water Drips– The awning stitching (located where the awning slides into the sailtrack and also slides in to the roller tube) should be coated with wax to prevent rainwater from dripping inside. Ensure to apply a wax coating to the area which is hidden after it is rolled up. This will prevent sun damage.

Tie the Awning Down to Keep it Steady – If not tied down properly, a sudden wind gust can destroy your awning. The best way to remind yourself to secure your awning with pegs is to paint them white. This will ensure the pegs remain visible, so you can easily see whether they have come out of their position.

Don’t Allow Water to Accumulate – Keeping your awning extended (particularly during a downpour) is a bad idea. If water accumulates, the awning fabric becomes weighed down, which can result in total collapse. Even a little water left on the awning can cause the fabric to stretch.

This, in turn, will cause flapping, which loosens the awning’s stitching. The best way to prevent this is to use anti-flappers, and to remove all water from the awning’s surface by allowing the water to run off from one of the sides.

Invest in a Good Quality Awning – An ideal way to prevent any of the aforementioned problems is to invest in a premium quality awning. To avoid making frequent, costly repairs, invest in an awning which fits your caravan perfectly. The fabric should be able to withstand regular usage, without the need for frequent servicing.

While no caravan awning is maintenance-free, a high quality awning will shield you from the unnecessary time and expense of having professionals check it over.

To find the ideal awning for your caravan, call or email the dedicated team at Kakadu Annexes today. 

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