Enhance Your Caravanning Experience With Ezi Camper Awning Arms

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There are many charms to camping in a caravan: being out in nature has a beneficial effect of relieving you of the stress and strains of city living. Breathe in the fresh carbon monoxide-free air and you’re given a new lease on life. No matter where you’re headed on your next caravanning holiday, heighten your holiday-away-from-home experience with the ultimate caravan accessory – awning arms. Enjoy the comfort of the outdoors with superior protection from the elements. The ease of use is equally irresistible.

Save your sanity and set up camp the stress-free way

For avid campers, little can compare with being at one with nature. However, there is one dreaded thing associated with getting away to destress that can ironically raise stress levels. Nothing can create heated squabbles as quickly as setting up. At least not until you have to pack up again.

Caravanning made simple with Ezi Camper Awning Arms

Kakadu Annexes introduces the innovative new Rollaway Ezi Camper Awning Arms – the must-have caravan accessory for the fun-loving caravan enthusiast. The arms feature advanced technology that allow it to roll up in seconds.

Benefits of the Ezi Camper Awning arms

  • Drastically reduce set up and pack up time.
  • To pack up all it takes is a flick of the lever that one person can easily do
  • Offers the flexibility to create additional enclosed space if needed.
  • Sturdy design construction can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Whether you need to escape dangerous UV rays or the rain, one thing is for sure, there is no escaping the heaps of fun provided by a caravan trip. Kakadu Annexes offers the latest in caravan awning arms to ensure the success of your next holiday adventure. Need to know more about any of the caravan accessories we supply, please get in touch.


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