Caravanning Over Christmas

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As the temperature heats up and decorations festoon every shopfront, one thing is clear: Christmas is approaching. Why not forgo the traditional celebration at Grandma’s house, pack the family up and hit the open road for the holidays?

However, it’s not as simple as jumping into your caravan with the family and heading off. Read on for tips to enjoy your holiday and keep your sanity this holiday season.

Pack Early – Christmas is often the busiest time of year so ensure you pack for the trip early to avoid any last minute headaches. Make a thorough list of everything your family will need (i.e. clothes, food, entertainment, etc.) and start packing a few weeks in advance.

Preparing your checklist ahead of time gives you time to ensure your caravanning gear is in good working order.

Research Fuel Prices – Fuel is a necessary, yet unwanted expense, which can be even more frustrating if you’re taking a long trip. Before you leave, check trusted fuel-watch websites. These will give you an estimate of prices in the suburbs you will travel through, and the best days to fill up.

Book in Advance – From beautiful beaches to pristine lakes, Australia’s waterfront locations are the most sought after caravanning destinations. For a truly memorable Christmas break, ensure you book your spot early. For the vast majority of caravan parks and campgrounds, Christmas bookings open three to five months before the season.

Arrive Early – Caravanning across the country at Christmas time is becoming a hugely popular holiday choice for many families. It’s the perfect way to get away from it all and take in the beauty of this great land.

To avoid the crowds and ensure your holiday is serene, allow yourself some extra time when arriving and returning home. This way, you’ll be able to focus on your family and thoroughly enjoy the break.

Buy Gifts You Can Enjoy on the Trip – As the kids get older, the idea of a caravanning trip with their folks becomes less and less appealing. This is only compounded by the prospect of no mobile reception and being away from the new PS4 they got for Christmas.

To revive their enthusiasm for the family getaway, consider giving more practical gifts they can enjoy on the road. From a snorkel to a kayak, a camera, or even the latest must-read fantasy novel. Your kids are guaranteed to love these gifts, and while they’re occupied, you have time to sit back and enjoy a cold one.

Teach Your Kids to Value Experiences – Christmas on the road is the ideal time to teach the kids to value experiences over presents. Give your family a holiday they’ll never forget by exploring everything the Australian countryside has to offer. This can be everything from visiting the beach, a waterpark, a theme park, or even some of the “big” attractions our country is famous for (i.e. the Big Pineapple, or the Big Banana).

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