Benefits of Commercial Awnings

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Whether your own a corner store, a café, office building, or even a shopping mall, commercial awnings can add tremendous value to your business in more ways than one.

The expert team at Kakadu Annexes has been designing and manufacturing residential and commercial awnings since 1987, and are the go-to brand when it comes to quality custom built, awning projects.

Read on to find out how a commercial awning can positively impact your business and bottom line.

Make Your Business Stand Out

A commercial awning, custom designed with your logo, contact details, and brand colours provides a fantastic first impression for any business. Not only does an awning clearly define the entrance to your premises, but it can also act as a 24-hour billboard to attract the attention of passing traffic and alert new customers to your brand, product range or service.

The team at Kakadu Annexes can design an awning concept for you from scratch, or alternatively manufacture and install an existing design or architectural concept. Each awning is available in a range of functional and attractive fabric options including canvas, vinyl, acrylic, and backlite.

Extend and Define Your Outdoor Space

For businesses that rely on indoor/outdoor trading space, such as cafes, restaurants, car washes, and nurseries, a commercial awning can clearly define and double your outdoor space in an instant.

These awnings can act as protection from harsh sun, wind or rain, providing shelter for customers, as well as product displays and equipment. Investing in a commercial awning means that you can take some of the risk out of trading during winter months, safe in the knowledge that you can operate at 100% capacity rain, hail or shine.

Cut Overheads and Save Your Business Money

A quality designed and custom fitted commercial awning is not only an investment in the promotion and presentation or your business, but they can also save you money! Commercial awnings can be designed to insulate and protect your business façade, windows, and outdoor area.

Window awnings insulate a property, meaning that heating and cooling costs are drastically reduced. The shading qualities of commercial awnings can also prevent sun damage on products in display windows, as well as paint, carpet and blind deterioration.

Expert Knowledge and Advice

With so many awning designs, materials and installation methods available it can be difficult for a business owner to decide on what they need. The professional and trusted team at Kakadu Annexes specialises in working side by side with business owners to discuss and recommend the perfect awning solution to suit each client’s requirements.

The team will review your business needs, future growth plans, location as well as any local council permit requirements before recommending one of their innovative and functional products.

With a product range spanning automatic roll-up awnings, drop blinds, Dutch awnings, fixed no frame designs, folding arm awnings, bistro blinds, and eyelids, you’re sure to find the perfect Kakadu Annexes solution to promote and protect your business.

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