10 Caravan Storage Ideas

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For the seasoned traveller, your caravan is your home away from home. And, the more time

you spend on the road, the more clutter you’re likely to accumulate. To ensure you stay on

top of the clutter and enjoy every second of your caravanning holiday, here are 10 simple

storage tips.


Collapsible Products – In a tight space, everything must be in its rightful place. With collapsible products, this has never been easier. Items such as tabletop ironing boards, collapsible or pop-up laundry hampers, clotheshorses, draw dividers and utensil trays are fantastic storage solutions.

Hooks – With a ready supply of hooks, you’ll discover room in your caravan you never knew you had. Hanging items such as cleaning supplies, cooking utensils and keys from hooks save space and allow you to locate items with ease. Alternatively, clips or suction caps are just as useful.

Hanging Shoe Rack – This simple, yet effective solution is ideal for small items, such as cleaning supplies, toiletries aornd non-perishable food items. A hanging shoe rack gives you easy access to these items when needed, as well as saving space.

Stackable Storage Tubs– This innovative solution stores anything from clothing to children’s toys. Measuring your caravan’s dimensions beforehand will help you make the most of this storage solution.

Magnetic Strips – With these nifty devices, you’ll be able to easily locate everything you need when you need it. As well as letting you know the whereabouts of items like scissors and keys with ease, magnetic strips allow you to keep dangerous items like knives away from little hands.

Permanent Shelves – By fitting some shelves to your caravan’s bedside wardrobe, you will more than double your storage capacity. This way, if your trip is longer than you anticipate, you’ll be able to pack all the extra clothes you need.

Removable Shelves – For a more semi-permanent clothing storage solution, opt for removable shelves. This gives you the extra space when you need it, and can be easily dissembled when not in use.

Utilise Ceiling Space – Your caravan’s ceiling is vital to protect you from the elements. However, it can also double as a nifty storage space. Use it to hang shelves, attach brackets to hang items like brooms, or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, use the ceiling to hang your wardrobe.

Make Use of Unused Areas – Take a quick look around your caravan, and you’ll discover an abundance of unused space just begging to be filled. As mentioned above, the ceiling is a fantastic storage space, and so is underneath the bed.

Bring an Annexe – While this versatile accessory won’t help you inside, it will help you take full advantage of the outdoors. Purchase one of our quality annexes, and you’ll have more space than you thought possible, as well as full protection from wind, rain and heat.

If you want even more space saving tips or to purchase a top-quality annexe, simply call or email the friendly team at Kakadu Annexes today.

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